Square Serum Bottle With Aluminum Gold Pump

Skincare package 30ml glass square serum bottles clear bottle
Capacity: 30ml
Item NO.:S028
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Product Details

Cosmetic Packaging Bottle 30ml Rectangle Square Clear Glass Serum Dropper Bottle


1. Product Introduction 

The serum bottle consists of a transparent glass bottle and an aluminum gold pump

Bottle with grid bottom shape, special design, with golden pump head

Is the most popular style this year

Our main products are cosmetic packaging glass bottles and accessories, such as perfume bottles, cosmetic bottles, cosmetic jar, nail polish bottles, gel polish bottles, essential oil bottles, serum bottles, foundation bottles, roll on bottles, glass vial, storage bottles, sets of sealed bottles, condiment bottles and all kinds of glass balls, totally more than one thousand series.

2.Product Description

Volume 30ml
Shape Square
ColorDepends on the customer

3.Production Details

square bottle serum glass bottle 1S028 (4)S028 (3)S028 (2)S028 (1)

4.Product Qualification

Glass jar production process

 production process

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